James Baster

Web & Android Developer


I am a web and Android developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.



I am a web developer who primarily works in PHP, with MySQL/Postgres, JS, CSS, and Linux system administration skills.

I develop native Android apps in Java which interact with online services.

I also work with technical events and am based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Open Tech Calendar

Open Tech Calendar Screenshot

In July 2012 I started this project to list the tech events in Scotland on a open platform where anyone can add events. This project has had much interest in Scotland and picked up sponsorship. The software is written from scratch in Symfony2/PHP/MySQL. Adopting an aggressive lean methodology meant the initial version was released after 2 days, and new features were planned and developed based on user feedback.

Has A Calendar

Has A Calendar Screenshot

This takes the wiki calendar platform behind Open Tech Calendar and makes it available to other communities and groups.

Edinburgh Outdoors

Edinburgh Outdoors Screenshot

Launched in late 2012, this project with Edinburgh Council was funded by winning a NESTA competition. It took new Open Data from the council and presented it to users, with interactive and playful elements. I worked on a PHP/MySQL web application and an Android application, and worked with a designer and iOS developer on the project. The code is Open Source.


Festafriend screenshot

During the Edinburgh Festivals in Aug 2011, FestaFriend let people meet new friends or dates based on the shows they wanted to see. I came up with and developed the idea, coded the site from scratch in PHP/Postgresql, worked with a designer and set up servers. It was featured in The Guardian, STV and FestMag.


Fakefringe screenshot

During the Edinburgh Fringe in Aug 2011 & Aug 2012, this game presented players with 1 fake fringe show and 3 real ones and challanged them to pick the fake one. Players could write their own fake shows, and there were charts of the best fake and the least convincing real show. I came up with and developed the idea, coded the site from scratch in PHP/Postgresql, worked with a designer and set up servers. It was featured in The Independent, Chortle, 3weeks and STV.


This database of all the oil fields in the North Sea was presented online to allow researchers across the country to collaborate on inputing and checking data. Then a full mathematical model, including Monte Carlo analysis, was run against the data and the results made available to identify the best sites for carbon capture and storage. While working for Mapix, I took over a PHP/SQLServer prototype, rewrote large sections before release and supported the site after release, constantly adding new features and working with academic staff to implement and test a mathematical model.


Tech Meetup Talk

I organised speakers and presented this monthly meetup in Edinburgh from Dec 2010 to Dec 2011, which attracts a regular audience of between 60-90 people. This involved finding sponsors, managing official paperwork and moderating question and answer sessions. I have also given 4 talks myself.